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#88 - Jose Oliva and the HEAL Food Alliance fighting for workers rights

This segment of The Reality Dysfunction Dr. Ernesto talks with Jose Oliva of the HEAL Food Alliance based in Chicago, Il. Jose came to the United States, with his parents as a young man, in the 1980s fleeing governmental oppression in his home country of Guatemala. The work he is doing alongside workers in the food industry is vital not just to fairness and equity but to environmental sustainability an often overlooked aspect of workers rights. For more information about HEAL click the link below.

#85 -This is what we talk about when no one is listening.

In this episode of The Reality Dysfunction we trashed the political, and just talked about clothes, belt buckles, health and tattoos. In case anyone was wondering this is what we say to each other before the tape starts rolling. 

#84 - Lori Lizarraga, Channel 9 in Denver and the fight for brown stories in the pitch room

















This week we're back with a conversation on media, Latina reporters and how important it is to fight for responsible brown voices in our mass media. 

On March 27 of this year Lizarraga published a piece about her two year's working as a reporter at Denver's Channel 9 (an NBS affiliate) . The opinion piece, which unfortunately is more likely the rule to the exception starts like this, "It was during my second week as a new reporter in Denver that I remember first feeling concerned about discrimination in my newsroom." In this episode Dr. Ernesto and Alex Lozada talk with Lori about her experiences at Channel 9 and what has happened since then. You can read Lizarraga's opinion piece at the link below.


Update on this situation

"The fallout continues from former 9News reporter Lori Lizarraga's essay detailing the exit of three Latinx reporters from the station in a year — including her. Now, following a federal filing from a major investor in TEGNA, 9News's parent company, alleging "a broad pattern of bias and racially-insensitive behavior" at its outlets, TEGNA has issued guidance to news directors telling them to stop using the term "illegal immigrants" in their reporting."


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#83 -Tales from Aztlantis - Kurly Tlapayawa and Ruben Arellano



In this segment of The Reality Dysfunction Dr. Ernesto talks with Mexica internet sensation Kurly Tlapoyawa and Dr. Ruben Arellano about their new podcast Tales from Aztlantis where they talk about their own experiences within the contemporary Mexica movement, and the need to question "tradition." 

They're smart, they're skeptical, they know what they are talking about, and they are down for their people. Please listen in to this very interesting conversation and definitely check out Tales from Aztlantis. 

#82 - Aztlan Report 2021



Greetings Dysfunctionals, we're back with a special episode of The Reality Dysfunction. Today we have the first every Aztlan Report, a state of the Xicana/o/x union presentation from Xicana/o/x organizations around the country. This recording was made on March 31, 2021, an originally ran live on Facebook. This presentation was sponsored by Mexicanos 2070, Partido Nacional de la Raza Unida, La Mesa Brown Berets, Union del Barrio, Centro Community Service Organization/Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Servicios de la Raza and other community organizations. This presentation brought organizations throughout Aztlan and the diaspora together to report on the state of the nation, the state of resistance and as a call for unity. 

Speakers in order of appearance: 

Tonatzin Alfaro Maiz - Moderator

Dr. Vanessa Bustamante (5:36) - La Raza Unida Party

Maria Zavala Paredes (8:54) - La Raza Unida Party

Rafael Avitia (16:10) - La Mesa Brown Berets

Scott Russel Duncan Fernandez (21:05) - Mexicanos 2070

Ernesto Mireles (24:01) - Mexicanos 2070 

Matt Sedillo (26:52) - Poet

Marisol Marquez (33:20) - Centro Community Service Organization/Freedom Road Socialist Organization

Lupe Carrasco Cardona (38:46) - Union Del Barrio/ Ethnic Studies

Patrick McKenna (50:10) - Barrio Hollywood, Tucson

Rudy Gonzalez (56:41)- Servicios de la Raza

Tanya Villalobos (1:01:00) - LRUP Youth Representative

Vanessa Mazon (1:08:04) - Poet

Ernesto Ayala (1:11:27) - La Raza Unida Party Chair Pro Tem


#81- Among other things, Fuck Rush Limbaugh

This episode of The Reality Dysfunction is actually the second half of the How Do We Get Power discussion. But lets face it, Francisco Lopez's logic and passion won the day. So, the second half the conversation dealt with how the crew felt about Limbaugh's death (take a wild guess) and how the white trash hate mongering industry that walking piece of shit helped create has impacted the Xicano Latino community. 

#80 - How do we get power?

In this episode of The Reality Dysfunction the Dysfunctionals get jiggy with the question of how do we get power?  They also get a little jiggy with each other over the issue of immigration and how Xicana/o/x's should pick the top political issues facing the Xicano Latino community. It is an interesting discussion. 

# 79 - Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez “Who declared war on the word Xicano”

This week on The Reality Dysfunction Dr. Ernesto, Alex Lozada, and Juan Carlos Vega talk with Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez, the author of the seminal Xicano essay "Who Declared War on the Word Xicano" and "Our Sacred Maiz is our Mother" and "Yolqui: Testimonios of Violence"

Dr. Cintli talks about his experiences writing his last books, what drives him to write and what brown folk can do to come together for a better world. 

#78 - Dr. Javier Sanchez and why the Covid 19 vaccine is critical.

Everyone here on The Reality Dysfunction podcast hopes you are being safe as the world works to bring this pandemic under control. We're getting out shots and we truly hope that when you opportunity arises you will too!

This special segment, the Dysfunctional Crew is pleased to present Dr. Javier Sánchez, who talks with us about why the Covid 19 vaccine is critical for the Xicano/Latino community. Dr. Sanchez is a family practice doctor for Southern California Kaiser Permanente and is an Associate professor at the University of California, Riverside Medical School. The crew talks with Dr. Sanchez about the COVID-19 vaccines, what we can expect from them and when we can expect to get back to ‘normal.’ Dr. Sanchez is also part the National Campaign #ThisIsOurShot which seeks to spread knowledge on the COVID-19 vaccines and how people can get it.


You can check it out here:

#76 - Fallout from the Coup - what are the ramifcations for the Xicano Latino community?

As the events of 2021 continue to unfold one thing is for certain. A certain segment of the Xicano Latino community is openly embracing white seperatism, white supremacy as their political ideology. As the protest ramp up around the country it is clear a group of us have bought into our own colonization to such a degree they actually believe their "rights" are threatened to such an extent they are compelled to defend the very system that has disenfranchised indigenous people from our history, culture and political self determination. Mass delusion - the foundation of any settler colonial society.  

#75 - Siege at the US Capitol - We told you all these people is crazy!

This segment of The Reality Dysfunction is a sound file of the live broadcast we did on Wednesday Feb. 6, 2021 as the US capitol was being ransacked and pillaged by bunch of American "patriots". 

As always, The Dysfunctionals do the best they can to keep the focus on the Xicano/Latino community and what these unfolding events mean for us. 




2020 Sucked!

In this final segment of The Reality Dysfunction the crew talks about their year, what they hope for the next year and how much we appreciate all of you being a part of this with us. We can't wait to do it again in the 2021.


Para La Gente!





Dysfunctionals! Forget the hater hype blasting the latest show about the iconic Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla, you heard it here first. Selena ROCKS!

Opinons? We got’em all day. The RealityDysfunction on steriods.

Dysfunctionals, We're almost to the end in the true spirit of 2020 the crew is tackling all the topics from Virgin of Guadalupe, Mexican Independence and Mexicano Revolution, Indian armies, pan dulce, cultural appropriation, the Mandalorian, why we should boycott movies like Liam Neeson's The Marksmans and how California is selling stocks in water. Its a wild ride - don't miss it. 



#resist the dysfunction 

Radio KDNA - The History of Xicano Radio

This special presentation from Mexicanos 2070 presents the history of Radio KDNA in Seattle, Washington. Here is a description of the segment and some of the people talking. 

KDNA, also known as Radio Cadena, La Voz del Campesino, has served The Yakima Valley in western Washington for 40 years, facilitating not only information and entertainment but community development as well. For the last four decades KDNA has created specialized programs for the Chicano audience and motivated community organizations and campaigns related to the AIDS and COVID pandemics, the census and electoral politics. Its program, MIGRA WATCH, inspired United Farmworkers Union co-founder César Chávez, who in 1979 visited KDNA-FM and marveled at the radio station’s farmworker-oriented operations, which in 1983 developed KUFW Radio Campesina, equally convinced that radio was the most efficient means of reaching farmworkers toiling in the fields.
Rosa Ramon is the only female co-founder of KDNA and served as the station manager from 1979 to 1984. She represents the radio station’s historical significance as a producer but specifically as a Chicana feminist. Ramon’s contribution to the foundation of KDNA reveals the important and central role women thought played in the founding and development of this station, particularly in its focus on programming for, by, and about women.
Gilberto Alaniz runs the Northwest Community Education Center which houses KDNA. As the station’s special projects director, he sees expanding the building to provide more services to the community through KDNA. He focuses on needs of the population they serve and require more “pesticide research, scholarships for adult education, English as a second language classes, and to learn how businesses are managed in the United States.
Monica De La Torre is an Assistant Professor in the School of Transborder Studies at Arizona State University. De La Torre’s interdisciplinary research and teaching practices bridge Chicana feminist theory, Latinx feminist media studies, radio and sound studies, and women’s and gender studies. A former community radio producer and member of the Los Angeles based radio collective Soul Rebel Radio,

Chingatumaga: Post Election Wrap Up

In this segment of The Reality Dysfunction the crew takes on the challenges of navigating post election fallout especially concerning the emerging narratives of the conservative "Latinos" voted for Trump when it's clear Xicanos and Puerto Ricans enmass and across the country voted against Trump. What gives? Clearly, its time to revisit the term Latino and make some decisions about who we want to be affiliated with. 

We ain’t fake news

In this episode of The Reality Dysfunction: X/L edition the crew takes on where we get our news and how important it is to maintain those open lines of communications in our respective communities. One way to combat misinformation is to double check your facts. Social media gives a whole new perspective on the practice of chisme so we have to ask ourselves, how can we use the advances of modern technology to push a social, political and economic agenda forward for our community? We talk about this and more. 


On the Front line: managing community center response to pandemics

In this episode of The Reality Dysfunction I am talking with Daniel Soza III, a dear comrade from my MEXA/Brown Beret days who now lives in his hometown of Saginaw, MI., where he runs a community center that is still open and provides essential services to the people in the neighborhood surrounding the center. 

Danny comes from a long line of Midwest Xicano activists, his father Daniel Soza II was a long time city councilman in Saginaw and member of the Brown Berets in Saginaw during the 1960s. In the 1990s when me and Danny were at Michigan State University fighting for a Xicano Studies program Danny was one of six students that undertook what turned out to be a six day hunger strike to force the University to honor the united farm workers grape boycott.

Xicanx sheroes and heroes building the resistance narrative

One of the main topics that constantly come up in discussion like the one we are having is how our community has very little sense of history. We are very clear about the historical myths that found the United States. These myths are taught to us from the moment we walk into school as babies (literally) and are then relentlessly pounded into our heads for the next 12 years. For many of us our first contact with Xicano/Mexicano/Indigenous history of any kind does not happen until we get to college. Therein lies the rub – most of us never make it to college.

We have our Sheroes/Heroes, martyrs, and minstrels/jokers. The epic figures that stand above all as beacons of resistance to Anglo oppression and we fixate on them as we have been taught to do. The truth is every one of us has benefited from the love and mentorship of someone from our community both in and out of our families.

Let’s talk about those people. Let’s talk about the example they have set and how our forgotten ancestors have dragged the very notion of being Mexican, Puerto Rican, Colombian, Xicano into the present/future. The more we name our Sheroes/Heroes, martyrs, and minstrels/jokers the more we can put to rest the idea we are disorganized, and the movement is dead. Because clearly it is not. 

The El Paso Shootings - A Xicanx response to anti-Mexican violence and the need to build political organization

In this episode of The Reality Dysfunction our panel of Xicanx experts will be discussing the 2019 mass shootings in El Paso, Tx., and possible responses that could be pursued by the Xicanada. 



As always you can DM me on Twitter @ernestomireles or Alex Yanish @bingbongvictory


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